Upotapia Personnel

PERSONNEL OF PREMIERE Artistic director: Samee Haapa Other members of the working group: Anna Wegelius, Krista-Julia Arppo, Jonna Eiskonen, Henna Mäki-Filppula, Joonas Outakoski, Jenni Räsänen, Tommi Uniluoto, Topias Toppinen, Inna Huttunen, Oscar Dempsey, Louis Crevier, Olga Kastemaa, Eero Tahkola, Marko Mäkinen, Sara-Maria Heinonen, Siiri Seppelin, Iida Kukkonen, Mira Ihanus and Georgi Varavko. Production support: Arts […]

Upotapia FAQ

Do I need to read all this text before I can come to the performance? No : ) These are here to help if you feel you need more information. If you don’t, you can just come and enjoy. You will also get all the necessary information on location. What kind of performance is this? […]