Temple of Godx FAQ

This document will be updated continuously.

Do I need to read all this text before I can come to the play party?

No : ) These are here to help if you feel you need more information. If you don’t, you can just come and enjoy. You will get most of the information also on location.

Why is it called a temple?

We think sex is beautiful, magical and something to be celebrated. 

What kind of play party is this?

It welcomes everyone as they are. It doesn’t matter whether you come from tantra or BDSM or something else.

Kinks and fetishes are very welcome.

What is expected of me?

You should have basic knowledge of what consent means in order to attend. 

Respect others and listen to yourself.

You can always adjust your level of engagement. You can take part f.e. just by being in the party, watching and listening, but you can also dive deep into the multisensory interaction with the other play creatures.

Everything has been designed in relation to consent. Nothing is mandatory.

What language is being used for giving instructions?

We’re using Finnish and/or English depending on the participants.

We’ll ask about this in the beginning of the event.

How have you taken safety into consideration?

We have formulated the main instructions in the main description and in this document. 

We will also send a message to everyone before the event where we clarify those in more detail.

At the beginning of the play party, you will be further informed about safety.

In the beginning of the play party, we will also go over the basics of consent in practice.

The play party has a safety person available all the time who you can contact for whatever reason. 

You can also ask more about these from the e-mail address at the end of this document.

How has consent been taken into consideration?

We are asking everyone about their basic knowledge of consent when purchasing a ticket. 

In the beginning of the event we are going through some exercises familiarising everyone with consent in practice. 

We have a safety person in the space at all times monitoring general safety, rules of safer space and that consent is being respected at all times. 

Will I be touched without permission?

No one should be touched without permission.

Can I do anything?

Well, not really.

We are striving to allow anything that is consensual. 

If an action would start to dominate the space so much that it would bother others in a major way, we ask everyone to be open to negotiating for a way everyone can share the same space in a way comfortable to them. We are aiming for a shared space that would allow different kinds of actions.

What does a safer space mean?

The play party is committed to principles of safer space. In the context of this play party this means respect for all genders, sexualities, backgrounds, bodies and abilities. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, other oppressive behaviour or harassment is not allowed. 

We strive to make the space as safe as we possibly can, but we cannot guarantee a space that is totally free from triggers or feelings of insecurity.

There is a safety person visible at the play party at all times who you can contact at any point for any reason.

Are there mattresses in the space or do I need to bring one with me?

Both. We will provide mattresses, but it’s good to bring something you can place under you (towel, sarong etc.) if you can. 

It gives more possibilities for play and makes sure no one is left without a play space regardless of the various possible forms play may take.

What do you mean by multisensoriality? 

We are engaging several of the senses in a light way. This corresponds mostly to sight, sound, smell, movement, touch and proprioception.

There will be some fragrance used in the main room. We won’t use the fragrance elsewhere so those who might find the fragrance too much, also have a chance to escape it. 

The fragrance is 100 % organic and we will keep it fairly light so it doesn’t travel too much and people have a chance of escaping it if they wish.

Are there toys and safer sex supplies available in the space?

You should bring your own toys with you. It’s also always good to have your own safer sex supplies so you have the ones that suit you. 

We have some on location, but in order to reduce waste, we will not bring a lot.

What kind of space is the play party in? Is it closed from outsiders? 

We are using all public spaces of Eskus – Performance Centre. These are studios 1, 2, 3, 4, lobby and conference room. 

All of these are closed from outsiders. 

There are common areas in addition to the play spaces.

Toilets and the kitchen are in the common area. 

We are working to organise the event so that there are no outside people in the common areas, but at the moment of writing we can’t yet promise this 100 %. It’s highly unlikely there will be outside people in the common areas. 

We can promise 100 % sure that there won’t be outside people in any of the play spaces.

Is there a place to change clothes?

One of the spaces (studio 3) is specifically meant for changing clothes in the beginning of the night. It has a dance studio sized mirror in it.

You can of course also use the toilets if you like.

Is there a quiet area and/or a space where it’s possible to withdraw from any invitations?

One area is meant as a more quiet area. It is not totally separated from the other spaces so some sound may travel. It also has a designated area for those who don’t wish to be invited to any action.  

Can I wear my absolutely fabulous boots in the space?

We would soooooooo love to see those. Unfortunately outside shoes can’t be used inside. Two of the spaces – including the main space – are dance studios so it’s not possible to wear any shoes that might leave a mark on the floor. 

However, inside shoes can be worn in two of the spaces that have a concrete floor.

Is there a possibility to wash up at the space?

There are three toilets and one shower at Eskus. These are located in the common areas.

I might get hungry. Is there any food or drink?

We’re not serving any food or drink in order to reduce waste. It’s good to bring a snack for yourself with you. 

There is a fully functioning kitchen on location available to be used. It’s possible to make tea or coffee as much as you like without extra cost. 

How is physical accessibility been considered in the play party?

Physical impairments: It is possible to participate in the play party with a wheelchair, an electric wheelchair and with an assistant. Eskus premises can be accessed by a spacious elevator. An accessible toilet is located in the same premises. All rooms have low thresholds and doors that do not open automatically. If you are participating in a wheelchair, are participating with an assistant, or need assistance, please let us know in advance one day before the play party at centerforeverything at gmail dot com

Hearing impairments: There is no induction loop in use. Contact us if you will participate with a sign language interpreter.

Visual impairment: It is possible to take a visual interpreter with you. Contact us if you will participate in the play party with an interpreter.

Hypersensitivities: The play party will most likely contain potentially burdensome conditions for those who are hypersensitive to the senses, such as loud sounds, smells and changing lights. Contact us by email to the address at the end of this document if you have more specific questions.

Is there (psychologically) triggering content or circumstances in the play party?

The event most likely includes nudity and various forms of sexuality. These forms are not specified in advance, but depend on the participants.

There will be theatrical haze used in one of the rooms.

We know that very different things can be triggers for different people. Send us an email in the address below if you want to know more about potentially triggering actions in the play party.

I couldn’t find my question here. Where can I ask more information?

You can ask for more information – and also give feedback – at centerforeverything at gmail dot com