Upotapia FAQ

Do I need to read all this text before I can come to the performance?

No : ) These are here to help if you feel you need more information. If you don’t, you can just come and enjoy. You will also get all the necessary information on location.

What kind of performance is this?

This is an immersive performance and a game performance. 

Immersive here means that the audience is inside the performance, not observing it from outside, like in regular stage performances.

Game performance in this instance means that the performance combines a game and a performance. If game performance is a new term for you, it’s worth keeping an open mind – playing a game is so much more than just competition or running against time!

How long is the performance?

The main level is approx. 2 – 2,5 hours depending on the audience.

Is this performance suitable for children?

The performance is not made for child audiences in particular but children can participate with a guardian. The performance is most suitable for children over 10 years old.  There are some written instructions in the performance.

The higher level is prohibited from under 18-year-olds.

What is expected of me?

You can adjust your level of engagement. You can take part f.e. just by roaming in the world, watching and listening, but you can also dive into multisensory interaction with the world of the performance and the performers.

Everything has been designed in relation to consent. Nothing is mandatory.

Do I need to play a role?

We are not asking you to play a role. We have created various invitations that invite you to take part in the performance the way you feel good for you. 

Do I need to play a game or solve puzzles?

There are various kinds of invitations in the performance that invite you to play in different ways, search for meanings and solve tasks. Nothing is mandatory. It’s also possible to enjoy the performance without solving anything.  

You may also enjoy solving things.

Do I have the right to refuse if the performers invite me to join them?

Of course. In the beginning of the performance we will teach you a simple system how you can refuse at any moment especially if the action includes touch. 

How have you taken safety into consideration?

There are different safety protocols in place to take care of everyone’s safety. You can find information about safety in the main description of the performance, in this FAQ and you can also ask us for more information at centerforeverything at gmail dot com. 

At the beginning of the performance, you will be informed about the safety rules and given instructions on how you can stop the experience if you wish. The performance has a safety person who you can contact at any time during the performance.

What does consent mean and how it’s been taken into consideration in the performance?

Consent in this work means that everyone has the right to define their own boundaries and their way of participating in the performance. Consent practices are an essential part of the design of the performance, and it is e.g. rehearsed with the performers.

For example when you arrive at the performance, you will be taught how to ask for the consent from the performer or the other members of the audience whether they can be touched. 

Will I be touched without permission?

Other participants, performers or staff should not be touched without permission. No one will touch you without asking for your permission first. At the beginning of the performance, we will give you a clear system – based on a few simple gestures – for giving consent and negotiating it. We will also be remind everyone of the system later during the performance.

What does a safer space mean?

The performance is committed to principles of safer space. This means respect for all genders, sexualities, backgrounds, bodies and abilities. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, other oppressive behaviour or harassment is not allowed. We strive to make the space as safe as we possibly can, but we cannot guarantee a space that is totally free from triggers or feelings of insecurity.

There is a safety person visible in the performance who you can contact at any point for any reason.

How is physical accessibility been considered in the performance?

Physical impairments: It is possible to participate in the performance with a wheelchair, an electric wheelchair and with an assistant. Eskus premises can be accessed by a spacious elevator. An accessible toilet is located in the same premises. The entrances to the gasometer are located at ground level. All rooms have low thresholds and doors that do not  open automatically. If you are participating in a wheelchair, are participating with an assistant, or need assistance, please let us know in advance one day before your chosen performance at centerforeverything at gmail dot com

Hearing impairments: The performance space is reverberant and there is no induction loop in use. Contact us if you will participate with a sign language interpreter.

Visual impairment: The work contains a lot of relevant information in visual form. It is possible to take a visual interpreter with you. Contact us if you will participate in the performance with an interpreter.

Hypersensitivities: The performance contains potentially burdensome conditions for those who are hypersensitive to the senses, such as loud sounds, smells and theatre haze. Contact us by email to the above address if you have more specific questions.

Is there (psychologically) triggering content or circumstances in the performance?

The main level of the performance in Eskus and in the gasometer does not contain the most commonly triggering themes, apart from one. 

If you find a route to the higher level of the work, its circumstances will be explained to you separately before you commit to participating. 

We know that very different things can be triggers for different people. Send us an email if you want to know more about potentially triggering topics.