Immersive Theatre Workshop

The workshop teaches theory and especially practice of immersive and participatory performances.

Immersive performances are usually understood as performances that immerse the audience in the stage setting of a performance, but understood in a larger context it means performances that challenge the traditional position of the audience in a performance. Participatory performances point to a wide variety of performances that use f. e. the tools of game design and activism to expand the traditional concept of performance.

The workshop focuses on the design and especially the performing in immersive and participatory performances.

It teaches you to
– Take the context of a performance and concretely use it as part of the artistic work
– Consider the political dimensions of participatory performances
– Game design in performing arts
– Mechanisms of participation
– Negotiation of intimacy and boundaries
– Multisensory performing technique in relation to a participant
– Sensing and understanding the environment as shaper of meaning

FOR WHOM: The workshop is meant especially for professionals and students of performing arts. If you are not part of these send a short motivation letter to office (at) before registering.

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: Both happen at the same time at The Center for Everything webshop at


Fri 14. 10. at 6pm – 10pm, Sat 15. 10. at 5.30pm – 10pm and Sun 16. 10. 2022 at 1.30pm – 5.30pm.

PLACE: Eskus – Performance Center, Puhdistamo (building n:o 6) 2. fl. Street address: Kaasutehtaankatu 1/33, Helsinki, Finland.

PRICE: 100 €

TEACHER: Samee Haapa (Sami Henrik Haapala) is an actor FIA, dancer, live art maker, an anthropologist and a dj. They have produced, directed and performed close to 20 years both in institutions and as a freelancer in Finland and abroad. They’re currently finishing their artistic doctoral thesis in the Theatre Academy at the University of the Arts Helsinki with a focus on immersive and participatory performances. They are the artistic director of The Center for Everything.


‘I was really happy with the course – it was really good as a whole, which inspired both to make work and reflect on one’s choices and also to discuss and follow what goes on in relation to immersive theatre. In terms of the balance between content and time used it was probably one of my most rewarding workshop experiences ever’.

Johanna Latvala, scenographer for an immersive performance ‘The Book of Rooms’
The Book of Rooms received both a prize from the Finnish Critics’ Society and a state prize for performing arts in 2021.  

(Photo from a performance ‘Supreme Beings’. Photo: Arttu Nieminen.)