Blindfold Jam

The next blindfold jam: Sat 19.11.2022, 7pm – 10pm.

Sight as a sense defines greatly all our action – and also how we experience dance. And still most of dance is something totally different – experiencing movement, feeling the movement and sensing oneself, others and the world we are immersed in.

In this blindfold jam based on contact improvisation the temporary removal of the sense of seeing grants a possibility to sensitize into a deeper and more subtle perception and feeling of movement without the control of sight.
The session consists of preparation, shared and facilitated tuning-in and aftermath. You can leave and return the space at any time between (beyond the shared tuning-in), but you can be and dance in the space only blindfolded.
There is one person in the space taking care of general safety and taking case of the rules of safer space.
You don’t need to have experience from contact improvisation to attend.
The structure of the session is:
19 – 19.30 Preparation: Instructions about safety in the space, chosing your blindfolds and doing your own warm-up.
19.30 – 20 Shared tuning-in while blindfolded.
20 – 21.30 Dancing blindfolded in the space. During this time no new people are allowed in the space. You can leave and come back any time, but you can be in the space only while blindfolded.
21.30 – 22 Aftermath: You can move in the space also without the blindfold.
You can come and go as you like between 19 – 19.30 and 20 – 22.
Between 19.30 – 21.30 you can move in the space only blindfolded.
Jam place:
Eskus – Performance center, studio 1.
(Eskus – Performance Center, Puhdistamo (building n:o 6) 2. fl. official address: Kaasutehtaankatu 1/33, 00540 Helsinki.)
Price and link to web shop:
10 e.
Some special notes:
Letting go of the control of the sight changes your perception of others, space and boundaries. Please consider whether this is something you’re ready for. There are multiple safety precautions in place to keep everyone safe, but ability to recognize and articulate your own boundaries is essential.
For this jam we’ll only sell tickets beforehand so we can anticipate the amount of people attending. This has to do with safety and so we can prepare the blindfolds beforehand. The blindfolds are carefully washed after each use and handled hygienically before given to you. The space is ventilated regularly. There’s also an air purifier in the space which lessens the risk of infection according to peer-reviewed research.
We’ll take some photos and possibly shoot some video at the jam. If you’d rather not be seen in these, come and tell it to the facilitator and we’ll sort it out.
Blindfold jam is committed to the principles of safer space. This means respect for all genders, sexualities, backgrounds, bodies and abilities. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or other oppressive behavior is not allowed.
Photographer: Marko Mäkinen. Taken from a dj jam