Kuvassa on käsivarsi  kuvattuna alhaalta teräksistä kaasukellon kattorakennetta kohti.


Energy flows from the world into a meter. It flows from crystals, workers, you, me, touch, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and power. 

From the meter the energy flows back to the world transformed.

In this moment of flow, the old, present and future gasometers blend. In this moment, the meters measure the energy of the dead, you and those to come. They measure live energy, dead energy and energy in transformation.  

The pressure regulator measures the flow of energy.


We are not asking you to play a role. We are not asking you to fulfil tasks.

You are energy that has the right to define their own boundaries. 

We will present you with invitations towards other energies. We will also help you in defining boundaries.


Upotapia is a live action board game of 30 000 cubic metres in a protected monument of the industrial gasometer. 

It is an immersive performance and a game performance where you can adjust the level of your participation. Read more from FAQ about what this means. 


Please check the exact start time from your ticket and arrive to the location accordingly. 

Higher level:

The higher level will become available after the main level to those who find their way there. 

The higher level is available during 25 – 29. 9. Its exact performance times will be between 18 – 22 on these days.


The main level of the performance happens almost entirely in the brick gasometer (‘Kaasukello’) in Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland. The performance begins in the studio 4 of The Performance Arts Centre Eskus.

Location information for the starting point:

The Performance Arts Centre Eskus, Puhdistamo (building no 6), 2nd floor, studio 4. 

Official address: Kaasutehtaankatu 1/33, Helsinki. 

Please note: You will find a door code for the Eskus entrance door from your Holvi receipt message.

The location and instructions for the higher level will be revealed to those who find their way there.


The regular price is 20 e. 

Discount ticket is 15 e. Discount is meant for students, pensioners and unemployed. 

You can get the discount by writing the code ‘upota2023’ in the discount box in the Holvi checkout. 

You can buy the tickets directly here.


The information about the personnel can be found here.


It’s possible to take part in the performance in both Finnish and English.


There are different safety protocols in place to take care of everyone’s safety. Each participant can define their level of interaction and their own boundaries. We are offering possibilities for interaction, but interaction is not mandatory in order to attend and enjoy the performance. 

The performance is committed to principles of safer space.

The performance happens in an atypical performance space. The space has been cleared by the city of Helsinki and the fire department for temporary use. However, please take into consideration that it’s not a normal performance space. 

It’s possible to take part with a wheelchair. If you wish to do so, please let us know one day in advance of the performance you wish to take part in to centerforeverything at gmail dot com

Read more about safety and accessibility in the FAQ.

The Center for Everything is funded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the city of Helsinki.

‘Because consent and boundaries were also negotiated within the performance, I felt safe. As described in the instructions for the performance, I could adjust the level of participation. I was not required to participate in anything, I was not forced to do anything, and in such liberty I can and want to play.

I would feel provoked and distressed by a closed space, from which I have no way out and where I am subjected to the power of the performers. These negotiations and positions are extremely important. Upotapia succeeded in this task.’

Hanna Helavuori 27. 9. 2023

‘This was overwhelmingly the most interesting performance, game or work of art I have ever experienced.’

Audience feedback