Upotapia (Playtest)

The Center for Everything is testing a new immersive performance set to premiere in 2023 by opening it for a playtest lasting two weeks in the beginning of June 2022.

In the heart of the work are the simultaneous processes of blooming and withering.

Upotapia is an immersive performance that develops the young field of game performances in performing arts. The starting point for the work is to open space for posthuman game design, personal multisensoriality and multilateral understanding of space and time.

The art of interaction is enriched by developing intimate forms for performance, which create clear procedures of negotiation to validate the boundaries of each audience member. The central contradiction in the performance is the dissolution of boundaries between human and non-human and enabling a strong personal experience.

This version of the performance has been developed by artistic director Samee Haapa, game designer Inna Huttunen, dancer Aino Voutilainen, dancer Bruno Zambrano, actor Anna Kankila, set designer Sampo Pyhälä, set designer and set builder Oscar Dempsey, producer Katri Koivuneva, photographer and graphic designer Marko Mäkinen, costume designer Kaisa Kemikoski and dress maker Jenna Väisänen. The upcoming technological part of the performance has been consulted on by principal designer Annina Antinranta. In addition, choreographer Wilhelmina Ojanen has worked as a main play tester during 2022 in co-operation with Arts Management Helsinki. Other artists involved in the overall process have been live art maker Harold Hejazi, circus artist Miradonna Sirkka and actor-dancer Misa Lommi.

The performance is the main production of The Center for Everything in 2023. This version is a work-in-progress version of the performance. By opening the performance into a wide public playtesting process, The Center for Everything aims to develop new methods for furthering artistic work surrounding relationality and interaction. Playtest in this instance means a performance which has already been developed extensively, but the players still can affect the final form of the performance in a major way.


There are two entrances to the performance: Cell and Park. You can freely choose from which entrance to enter the performance, or you can pick both if you like.



Cell is located in public space in the Suvilahti field (nearest address: Kaasutehtaankatu 1/33, 00540 Helsinki). It’s free of charge. It’s open for one hour during each day listed below. You can come and go as you like. You don’t need a reservation.

3. 6.2022 at 17.30
7. 6.2022 at 17
8. 6.2022 at 17
9. 6.2022 at 17


Park is located in an inside space in Sörnäinen in Helsinki downtown area. For Park you need a reservation (see instructions below). After having reserved a place you will get the exact instructions, including the precise location.

The estimated duration of Park is one hour.

3. 6.2022 at 20
7. 6.2022 at 19.30
8. 6.2022 at 19.30
9. 6.2022 at 19.30

You can experience the performance both in Finnish and in English.


You can reserve a place directly at Holvi. The ticket price is 2 €.

When reserving, remember to let us know both your e-mail and your phone number. We will need those in order to contact players swiftly in the event of changes.

You can ask more information from centerforeverything at gmail.com


For the most part, Park is accessible for wheelchair users. Most of the Park can be experienced without an assistant. However, some of the spaces at Park might present challenges for wheelchair users.

The performance follows the rules of safer spaces.

This means respect for all genders, sexualities, backgrounds, bodies and abilities. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or other oppressive behavior is not allowed.

Ours staff is in charge of safety and you can contact them at any point. Because of the nature and structure of the performance, you’ll recognise them easily. You will also get precise instructions on how to contact them when you arrive at the performance.

If you’d like to have a comprehensive list of safety or accessibility considerations, or you have any needs you wish us to take into consideration, please send us a message at office (at) centerforeverything.com

Warm welcome.

Photo credit: Marko Mäkinen