The Real Health Center

The world’s first performance with proven health benefits premiered in Helsinki in August 2016

In this health center the doctors are blown away by the beauty of the world and the dead come back alive. Here artists and researchers have designed for you a personal excursion that gives you a chance to heal yourself and others. It also tells you what are your chances to survive this life.

Working group: Sami Henrik Haapala, Emilia Kokko, Olli Kontulainen, Kaisa Kemikoski, Ann Ojala (EST/FIN) and Tassos Stevens (UK)

The performance was supported by Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, University of the Arts Helsinki and City of Helsinki. The performance was the first artistic part of the artistic research doctorate by Sami Henrik Haapala at Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke.

‘Though we may not have a special place in the universe, the universe, as far as we can ever understand it, has a special place in us.’
Santiago Ramon y Cajal

Photos: Marko Mäkinen. Videographer and editing: Arttu Nieminen.