Experience Park Oulu 2013

Experience Park Oulu 2013 was the last extensive Experience Park. It consisted of several international premieres and multiple performances in public space.

The core working group was producer and actor Sami Henrik Haapala, choreographer and dancer Vaatu Kalajoki, director and actor Mikko Korsulainen, costume and set designer Heidi Kesti, photographer Tomi Hurskainen and travel guide Don Walsh.

As part of the Experience Park premieres were commissioned from game designer Simon Katan (UK), choreographer and dancer William Petit (FRA) and live art maker Jamie MacDonald (FIN/CAN).



# Secret Skills. The simulants of Experience Park Oulu must not be disturbed by engineers – the consequences of them discovering the true nature of their world are unimaginable. 
# Risk Assessment. Oulu in the year 2013 is full of unfamiliar dangers for the modern tourist. 
# Employee of the Month. Engineers will stop at nothing to win this coveted prize.
# Skin Sense Sensei. A Masterclass in touch, rituals and Mediterranean madness.
# The World Congress of Experience Engineers. Meet all the engineers from all times and all places. 
# Int. Deep dive into Perämeri-Mediterranean madness.
# 60-minute humans.
# Genesis. A joyful excursion to the crash of the tectonic plates.
# Birdland. A flight with your eyes closed around the universe. 
# The Landing. An operation to save a body stuck in old Oulu and bring it to the new. 


Photo: Tomi Hurskainen