Experience Park Oulu 2012

Experience Park Oulu 2012 consisted of 10 different city trips to the ancient year 2012. It also consisted of an Experience Park Info Kiosk that was simultaneously a performance, an installation and a soundsystem.

Director, actor and dj: Sami Henrik Haapala. The rest of the working group: choreographer and dancer Vaatu Kalajoki, actress Sini Kalajoki, costume designer Heidi Kesti and travel guide Don Walsh.



# Don Walsh Trip 2008 Revisited. Time pocket to ancient Oulu 2008. This is where it all began. 
# Psyche & GO. A moment for mental make-up. 
# Sensing Oulu. A guided journey with your eyes closed. 
# Microcosmos. The smallest trip in the world.  
# Oulu For The Adventurer. Action-packed adventure in the wild Oulu. 
# Lost in Oulu. Eyes closed sweetly losing your way.  
# Butterfly Trip. Oulu ruled by butterflies. 
# Rainforest. Rainforest is only done if the weather is not 100% perfect: rainy, cloudy or windy. 
# Reminiscing Oulu. Planting new memories.  
# The End Of The World. Don’t be late. 


Photo: Tomi Hurskainen