There are green potatoes on a white background, edited so that they look a like cells under a microscope. Eco village is written on bold black font on top of the image.

Eco Village

Hydrid performance ‘Eco Village’ is a coproduction of Bombina Bombast and Sydhavn Teatern, premiering in May 2023 in Malmö in co-operation with The Center for Everything. Samee Haapa, the artistic director for Center for Everything, participated in the production as a researcher consulting especially in the questions regarding to consent in participatory performances.

Eco Village was a political satire about an isolated community of idealists who seem to exist behind a soft Instagram filter. The inhabitants live a life in harmony with nature, with their toes in the soil and home-grown potatoes in their mouths – that’s how it appears from the outside anyway. How can they be online 24/7?

Gradually, the cracks in the garden of paradise become visible. At whose expense is the image of the perfect, sustainable society maintained? When the scenes fall, we see what is really at stake.

The performance was primarily a digital livestream, but there was a chance to participate for a few audience members in person.