The Sensory Cocktail Bar

The Sensory Cocktail Bar is a performance concept that was originally developed as part of Experience Park Turku 2011 that itself was part of the official program of European Capital of Culture in Turku 2011. Later it has been realised f.e. at Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland and at Mono Festival in Lund, Sweden. In addition to its performance mode it has also been used as a pedagogical tool at Theatre Academy in Helsinki and as a part of Supreme Beings – a performance concept realized in co-operation with Mad House Helsinki (a production house for performance and live art in Helsinki) and developed together with young people.

The Sensory Cocktail Bar can be realized

1) As a performance that will be specifically designed to each place, time and situation (context specific). As a performance it consists of a collection of multisensory one-on-one performances which are compiled in the form of a cocktail list. From the list the member of the audience can choose the cocktail they want and also influence the content of their specific cocktail.

2) As a workshop where young people get to know live art, immersive theatre and multisensoriality and which will teach them to make performances that renew the performance tradition in an easy-to-approach style.

Cocktail list will be designed for each specific performance context so the list is different every time. Thus far the cocktails have been called f.e.

Long Island Nose Tea / Long Island Ice Nose
Shooting Star
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Moscow To Cry
Bouncing Pony
Border Control
Awkward Intentions

The latest realisation of The Sensory Cocktail Bar was at a theatre festival ‘Namas Nr. 2’ in Kaunas, Lithuania in June 2019.