DJ Jam

dj jam combines music played by a dj and a contact improvisation jam.

a sensitive dj watches the crowd as closely as an improvising musician watches an improvising dancer. contact improvisation was born in the 70’s to experience dance in a new way and CI jams were born to share this experience. dj jam is one invitation for a jam in 2020.

the visuality of the jam will change slightly each time. dj samee twiddles the knobs.

this time at the dj jam we’ll try for the first time also some live sounds as we mix in brian eno’s work ‘bloom’. bloom is an interactive music program in which a simple artificial intelligence reacts to music played by the user. bloom is also an audiovisual work so part of the piece will be projected on the wall as visuals.

due to the situation around corona, in the beginning of the jam we will form groups to which the touch is limited so we can monitor the situation. this is also the reason why we ask everyone to purchase their ticket in advance. you can also take part in the jam by keeping a safe distance.

you can get your ticket directly from holvi by jumping here.

you don’t need to have any experience about contact improvisation in order to join the jam.

19 – 19.30 arrival
19.30 – 20 shared and facilitated tuning-in. here we will also go through the rules regarding safety, update the overall situation and form the groups
20 – 21.30 jam
21.30 – 22 cooling down and ending circle

you can come and go as you want, but we recommend arriving for the shared tuning-in and staying for the ending circle as that will deepen the experience of the jam and make sure everyone shares the same information regarding safety.

jams always happen on a saturday cause this might be a perfect way to start your nite out, too.

jam place and time:
eskus – performance center, studio 2 on saturday 16. 10. 2021 at 7pm-10pm.
(eskus – performance center, puhdistamo (building n:o 6) 2. fl. official address: kaasutehtaankatu 1/33, 00540 helsinki.)

8 e.

we’ll take some photos and possibly shoot some video at the jam. if you’d rather not be seen in these, come and tell it to the dj and we’ll sort it out.

dj jam is committed to the principles of safer space. this means respect for all genders, sexualities, backgrounds, bodies and abilities. racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or other oppressive behavior is not allowed.

dj is in charge of safety in the space and they are never too busy to react so do feel free to contact them at any point if you have any concerns.

photo: marko mäkinen
video: samee haapa