The AI Party Launch

We are living through a global, political, and environmental crisis of unknown proportions and destinations. Our human capacity for governance has demonstrated a long history of failure. With THE AI PARTY initiative we have a chance to formulate and test new approaches to the challenges we face by asking the question: Is it time to give another kind of […]

The Real Health Center: A Workshop

This workshop was realised in August 2017.  The workshop teaches theory and especially practice of participatory and immersive performances. Participatory performances point to a wide variety of performances that use f.e. the tools of game design and activism to expand the traditional concept of performance. Immersive performances are usually understood as performances that immerse the […]

The Real Health Center

The world’s first performance with proven health benefits premiered in Helsinki in August 2016 In this health center the doctors are blown away by the beauty of the world and the dead come back alive. Here artists and researchers have designed for you a personal excursion that gives you a chance to heal yourself and […]

Supreme Beings 2015

Supreme Beings was realized in the program of Mad House Helsinki – a live art production house – in 2015. It consisted of workshops for young people, a dance club, a game utilizing the API of Instagram and several performances made by the young people. The core working group was producer, director and dj Sami […]

Expedition Rovaniemi 2013

Expedition Rovaniemi 2013 was realized in co-operation with Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi from Rovaniemi. Production and direction: Sami Henrik Haapala. Media design: Aku Meriläinen. Dancers: Helmi Järvensivu and Anni Pilhjärta. Expedition consisted of two parts: 1) A city game which combined a media artwork utilizing the API of Facebook and a live performance in public space. 2) […]

Secret Skills 2013

The Street game Secret Skills was first realized in Oulu, Finland in 2013 as part of the Experience Park 2013. In 2014 it was expanded and adapted to Helsinki as part of the URB – Urban Art Festival organized by Travel Agency Kiasma. The street game was a co-operation with game designer Simon Katan from […]

The Sensory Cocktail Bar Flow Festival 2013

The Sensory Cocktail Bar at Flow Festival 2013 was the first official performing arts production in the festival program. Director: Sami Henrik Haapala. Cocktail design and service: Don Walsh, Vaatu Kalajoki and Jouni Järvenpää. Set design: Johanna Latvala. Sponsor: Halti. In the photo: Don Walsh and Vaatu Kalajoki. Photographer: Maija Astikainen.

Experience Park Oulu 2013

Experience Park Oulu 2013 was the last extensive Experience Park. It consisted of several international premieres and multiple performances in public space. The core working group was producer and actor Sami Henrik Haapala, choreographer and dancer Vaatu Kalajoki, director and actor Mikko Korsulainen, costume and set designer Heidi Kesti, photographer Tomi Hurskainen and travel guide […]

Experience Park Oulu 2012

Experience Park Oulu 2012 consisted of 10 different city trips to the ancient year 2012. It also consisted of an Experience Park Info Kiosk that was simultaneously a performance, an installation and a soundsystem. Director, actor and dj: Sami Henrik Haapala. The rest of the working group: choreographer and dancer Vaatu Kalajoki, actress Sini Kalajoki, […]

Experience Park Oulu 2011

Experience Park Oulu 2011 updated Oulu into the year 2011. It was realised in the form of a large-scale city adventure and a dance club. In the club you could also experience Sensory Cocktail Bar for the first time in Oulu. Director: Sami Henrik Haapala. The rest of the working group: actor Antti Kaarlela, choreographer […]