Kuvassa on käsivarsi  kuvattuna alhaalta teräksistä kaasukellon kattorakennetta kohti.

Energy flows from the world into a meter. It flows from crystals, workers, you, me, touch, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and power.  From the meter the energy flows back to the world transformed. In this moment of flow, the old, present and future gasometers blend. In this moment, the meters measure the energy of the dead, […]

Eco Village

There are green potatoes on a white background, edited so that they look a like cells under a microscope. Eco village is written on bold black font on top of the image.

Hydrid performance ‘Eco Village’ is a coproduction of Bombina Bombast and Sydhavn Teatern, premiering in May 2023 in Malmö in co-operation with The Center for Everything. Samee Haapa, the artistic director for Center for Everything, participated in the production as a researcher consulting especially in the questions regarding to consent in participatory performances. Eco Village […]

BDSM and Performance Workshop

The next workshop will be held on 4. – 5. 3. 2023. The workshop presents BDSM techniques to practitioners of performing arts and techniques of performing arts to BDSM practitioners. BDSM is a term combining bondage and sadomasochism. For BDSM practitioners the workshop gives tools of contemporary dance, contemporary theatre and live art in order […]

Upotapia (Playtest)

The Center for Everything is testing a new immersive performance set to premiere in 2023 by opening it for a playtest lasting two weeks in the beginning of June 2022. In the heart of the work are the simultaneous processes of blooming and withering. Upotapia is an immersive performance that develops the young field of […]


A person moving in a dim space with fluorescent light cable over their shoulder.

Theatre Academy Helsinki has organised a lecture series titled ‘Decolonising Embodiment’ held on Zoom during the autumn 2021. The last lecture on Wednesday 8.12.2021 at 18.00 (EET) is opened to the public in co-operation with the University of Huddersfield (UK) and The Center for Everything (FIN). The lecturer is Ni’Ja Whitson. Ni’Ja Whitson is a […]


Playdate experiments with immersive art and artistic games. These new bastards of art and pop culture cross-breed f.e. immersive theatre, installations, BDSM and new technologies in order to bring game worlds right under your skin. Playdate is a club and an interdisciplinary playground for the arts which gives you an opportunity to try out raw […]


lim premiered on Saturday 6. 3. 2021. lim is a prologue for a new planet. it’s a planet in a state of in-between – in a state where we don’t yet know what comes next. lim is not anymore part of the old, collapsed planet, but it’s also too new to have been born for […]

Remote Jam

Remote Jam is a version of the dj jam in exceptional circumstances. dj jam uses contact improvisation as the base for connection. Remote Jam improvises the connection by the music played by the dj and tuning in and dancing together. SCORE FOR THE JAM 18 – 18.30 Arriving to Zoom 18.30 – 19 Facilitated tuning […]

Summer dj jam

summer dj jam is based on music spinned by a dj, a shared tuning-in, dance and touch. the jam happens each time in a different park. the park is always in central Helsinki within easy distance for travel. in case the weather turns bad, the jam will be transferred to eskus – performance center (kaasutehtaankatu 1) in […]

Playdate Remote

Playdate Remote was a remote event on Sat 4. 4. 2020 at 5pm – 11pm (Finnish time) which brought forth artistically challenging remote performances, enabled safer situations to experience performing arts in exceptional circumstances and brought people together in new ways. In the context of this event remote performance means performances, which are realized from a […]