Upotapia Personnel

PERSONNEL OF PREMIERE Artistic director: Samee Haapa Other members of the working group: Anna Wegelius, Krista-Julia Arppo, Jonna Eiskonen, Henna Mäki-Filppula, Joonas Outakoski, Jenni Räsänen, Tommi Uniluoto, Topias Toppinen, Inna Huttunen, Oscar Dempsey, Louis Crevier, Olga Kastemaa, Eero Tahkola, Marko Mäkinen, Sara-Maria Heinonen, Pinja Kokkonen, Siiri Seppelin, Iida Kukkonen, Mira Ihanus and Georgi Varavko. Production […]

Upotapia FAQ

Do I need to read all this text before I can come to the performance? No : ) These are here to help if you feel you need more information. If you don’t, you can just come and enjoy. You will also get all the necessary information on location. What kind of performance is this? […]


Kuvassa on käsivarsi  kuvattuna alhaalta teräksistä kaasukellon kattorakennetta kohti.

Energy flows from the world into a meter. It flows from crystals, workers, you, me, touch, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and power.  From the meter the energy flows back to the world transformed. In this moment of flow, the old, present and future gasometers blend. In this moment, the meters measure the energy of the dead, […]

Eco Village

There are green potatoes on a white background, edited so that they look a like cells under a microscope. Eco village is written on bold black font on top of the image.

Digital performance Eco Village is a coproduction of Bombina Bombast and Sydhavn Teatern, premiering in May 2023 in Malmö in cooperation with Center for Everything. Samee Haapa, the artistic director for Center for Everything, has participated the production as a researcher consulting especially in the questions regarding to consent in participatory performances. Eco Village is […]