Drowning in Mainstream

The radical potential for change presented by immersive performances are in the danger of being squandered in Finland, writes Samee Haapa, who has spent two decades creating performances in this genre. The situation can be remedied with a more critical examination of power dynamics and with a fairer distribution of resources. As new forms of […]

What is a Game Performance?

This is a light translation of a text originally written in Finnish. Immersive theatre became a significant concept in performing arts in the United Kingdom from the turn of the 21st century onwards. In Finland, it has gained broader recognition primarily from the late 2010s onwards. The term encompasses a wide range of works: those […]

Temple of Godx FAQ

This document will be updated continuously. Do I need to read all this text before I can come to the play party? No : ) These are here to help if you feel you need more information. If you don’t, you can just come and enjoy. You will get most of the information also on […]

Critical Co-Creation

First presented in the Zip-Scene Conference in Budapest, Hungary 1. 10. 2021. Photo: Marko Mäkinen from ‘lim’. In the photo one audience member with a golden mask.  Grounding If we start by briefly looking at the situation where this paper is presented, it looks like a proscenium-arch theatre setting. There’s a presenter in front on […]


A person moving in a dim space with fluorescent light cable over their shoulder.

Theatre Academy Helsinki has organised a lecture series titled ‘Decolonising Embodiment’ held on Zoom during the autumn 2021. The last lecture on Wednesday 8.12.2021 at 18.00 (EET) is opened to the public in co-operation with the University of Huddersfield (UK) and The Center for Everything (FIN). The lecturer is Ni’Ja Whitson. Ni’Ja Whitson is a […]