Upotapia (Playtest)

The Center for Everything is testing a new immersive performance set to premiere in 2023 by opening it for a playtest lasting two weeks in the beginning of June 2022. In the heart of the work are the simultaneous processes of blooming and withering. Upotapia is an immersive performance that develops the young field of […]


C O N T E M P O R A R Y R A V E The next raves will be organized on 31.12.2022 Contemporary Rave is a combination of a rave, a dance class and consciousness dancing all over the walls. It’s a rave in a dance studio. It’s consensual touch, the best dance […]

Blindfold Jam

The next blindfold jam: Sat 19.11.2022, 7pm – 10pm. Sight as a sense defines greatly all our action – and also how we experience dance. And still most of dance is something totally different – experiencing movement, feeling the movement and sensing oneself, others and the world we are immersed in. In this blindfold jam […]


Playdate experiments with immersive art and artistic games. These new bastards of art and pop culture cross-breed f.e. immersive theatre, installations, BDSM and new technologies in order to bring game worlds right under your skin. Playdate is a club and an interdisciplinary playground for the arts which gives you an opportunity to try out raw […]


lim premiered on Saturday 6. 3. 2021. lim is a prologue for a new planet. it’s a planet in a state of in-between – in a state where we don’t yet know what comes next. lim is not anymore part of the old, collapsed planet, but it’s also too new to have been born for […]

Remote Jam

Remote Jam is a version of the dj jam in exceptional circumstances. dj jam uses contact improvisation as the base for connection. Remote Jam improvises the connection by the music played by the dj and tuning in and dancing together. SCORE FOR THE JAM 18 – 18.30 Arriving to Zoom 18.30 – 19 Facilitated tuning […]

Immersive Theatre Workshop

Next workshop will be held on 28. – 30. 12. 2022 The workshop teaches theory and especially practice of immersive and participatory performances. Immersive performances are usually understood as performances that immerse the audience in the stage setting of a performance, but understood in a larger context it means performances that challenge the traditional position […]

The International AI Party

The AI Party was realised in Finland in 2018 and in Sweden and Norway during 2019. The Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian versions of The AI Party were briefly brought together online in 2020. The Nordic co-operation was supported by Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point and Statens Kulturråd. Original concept: The Center for Everything (FIN), […]

DJ Jam

the following dj jams will be held on 3.12.2022 at 7pm-10pm. dj jam combines music played by a dj and a contact improvisation jam. a sensitive dj watches the crowd as closely as an improvising musician watches an improvising dancer. contact improvisation was born in the 70’s to experience dance in a new way and CI jams […]

The Sensory Cocktail Bar

The Sensory Cocktail Bar is a performance concept that was originally developed as part of Experience Park Turku 2011 that itself was part of the official program of European Capital of Culture in Turku 2011. Later it has been realised f.e. at Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland and at Mono Festival in Lund, Sweden. In […]